Nicole's Harvest Breads


Quotes The bread is too edible to be labeled as bread, hence it's corrected and referred to as cake! The palatable cake is nothing short of fine wine and dining, please provide the wine next time to complement the cake.. Quotes
Mr. Shah

Quotes Such flavor that you'll want the whole loaf to yourself. Quotes
Neil Mazer

Quotes It was far too early to be cheerful (at least for a night person like myself). I walk into the office- ready to plunk down at my desk- and just get to work. Erroll stops by my desk beaming, and for good reason. "I brought bread" Errol exclaims get it while you can. He was right, it was going fast- the loaf of bread was only out for a few minutes and already the vultures had circled and left satisfied. I rushed over and got one of the last slices before it was gone heaven. Now I know why Erroll was so cheerful. The bread is almost sinful and filling like a cake. Do yourself a favor- you deserve a treat. You won't regret it. Quotes
Adam Feinberg

Quotes Several of our customers were talking about how hearty and delicious Nicole's Harvest Breads are and how they will come here alot more if they had the breads in the store. We listen to our customers and purchase several assortments of Nicole's Harvest Breads and they are a success at the cafe. Quotes
The Tea Lounge

Quotes I heard so much about how delicious Nicole's Harvest Bread are until my co-worker came to work with the Oatmeal Apple Spice Bread. This is one of my favorite if you love oatmeal cookies. It's dense and moist with a crunchy oatmeal topping perfect for breakfast. It's bread not cake! I am a customer for life. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes My kids hate eating vegetables, so I purchase the Banana Zucchini. Not only are the breads moist and yummy but my kids ate it all. I will continue to buy Nicole's Harvest Breads. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

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